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At the moment, we do not have ice-skates to rent.

At the moment, we do not offer any figure skating options.

Nope! You do not need to be a member to come to The Mill.

While we do sell an Open Access Membership that allows members to come to The Mill and train whenever and however they want, all of our on-ice and off-ice packages do not require a membership.

All skill levels are welcome at The Mill. Although, at this time, we do not offer a learn to skate program, so we recommend that your child know how to skate before coming to The Mill.

All skill development sessions and workout sessions at The Mill are open to all skill levels unless otherwise noted. If we are hosting a class that is geared towards different skill levels (house, travel, elite) it will be designated on the class so you can find the right fit for you.

All ages are welcome at The Mill, however, we do recommend that your child be able to skate on his/her own first.

All skill development sessions and workouts training sessions are open to all ages unless otherwise noted. If a certain session is dedicated to a certain age level (IE: a introduction to checking class for first year Bantams) it will be noted so you can select the right class for you.

We will also be offering adult programs for college aged and adult league players, as well as elite programs for Junior hockey players.

We’re all about family and welcome all parents to stay at The Mill and watch sessions. However, The Mill is set up so that a parent can drop off their player for a session and workout and come back to pick them up later.

With that being said, The Mill is set up to have an open gym area that is not a daycare. It is possible that players will not have direct supervision during open gym so please make proper arrangements.

Players who cannot act accordingly in the warehouse will not be welcome.

Yes, all players under 18 years old at The Mill will be required to wear a helmet and full face-mask. Over the age of 18 a helmet is required but a face-mask is optional; however, players will assume their own risk.

This applies to players on both the main rink and shooting lanes in both designed skills sessions and open ice times, but does not include the workout turf area.

Yes, full gear is required for all skill sessions unless otherwise noted on that specific session.

On the shooting lanes, skates, helmet, and gloves are required at all times, but gear is encouraged as players will assume their own risk.

No, at its core synthetic ice is simply a plastic material that hockey skates are able to cut into the same as real ice. You will find that your edges will wear down slightly quicker than real ice; however, synthetic ice has no affect on the performance of your skates or steel.

We recommend sharpening your skates as soon as you start to feel enough slip on your edges. While synthetic ice does wear skate blades down slightly faster than real ice, skate sharpening is still a personal preference and varies based on player skill level and type of use.

We offer full skate sharpening at The Mill and are happy to sharpen your skates before you get on the ice. More information here.

Absolutely! We do sell ice at The Mill and coaches from all associations are welcome to buy ice on their own and skate with their team. Please contact coach@themillhockey.com for more details and to schedule.

We also offer team parties!

Nope! The Mill will offer a variety of sessions with different coaching options, when you sign up for a training session the name of the coach will be displayed.

Additionally, The Mill is set up to have open gym area where players can train how and when they want, no coach required.

Absolutely! We know all our hockey loving friends from up North love to visit Arizona’s beautiful weather. We offer individual class options and daily memberships to accommodate our out of town guests here for vacations or hockey tournaments.

The Mill is an independently owned and operated rink that is not affiliated with any current ice-rinks or hockey associations in the valley. We support all local teams and players, and everyone is welcome at The Mill no matter what colors you wear.

We sure do! We love birthdays and are happy to host your parties. We also offer team parties and venue space for events such as film review, chalk talks, and team bonding. For details and more information please email coach@themillhockey.com.