Super-Glide SLICK is designed to give the least amount of resistance for ice skating. The new ingredients lubricate the blade as you skate creating the perfect skating surface. 

What is Super-Glide®?

It’s a high-tech plastic that you can skate on. Super-Glide® is a synthetic ice skating surface composed of a proprietary blend of polymers that permit a skate blade to glide as smoothly as on real ice. Correct density is very important, too hard and the blade slips out, too soft and the surface is very slow, Super-Glide is just right. 

How does Super-Glide® work?

Skating on ice means gliding on a thin layer of water as the blade’s friction generates heat and melts the ice surface. Skating on Super-Glide® causes the same friction and heat, which releases lubricants chemically engineered into Super-Glide®. This sets Super-Glide® synthetic ice apart from all competitors. Older synthetic ice surfaces required silicone lubricants. When skate blades cut through the silicone and hit dry spots, skaters felt undesirable “chatter” that increased friction and made skating harder. Super-Glide®’s unique formula eliminates “chatter” and allows the blade to glide smoothly.

Why Synthetic Ice?

  • Affordable and easily accessible allowing players to practice when they want
  • Provides development and supplemental training opportunities
  • Builds strength and power
  • Improves form and technique
  • Does not damage skates
  • Is translatable to real ice hockey
  • 100% recyclable and non-toxic

“When we started we were called “Super-Glide Skating” (2000) the term “Synthetic Ice” was not used yet. When the search engine Google was developed they put companies into groups by terms that described the business. The term “synthetic ice” was chosen to group all companies that offered a product to skate on that was not ice. I did not agree with this because it is not “ice” but the name continued. We changed our name to “Global Synthetic Ice” to fit this category in 2006. Now we have found many products sold are just basic plastic not even close to Super-Glide and we want customers to know this fact.”

-Perry Boskus, Owner of Global Synthetic Ice